Raphael Luchmenarine | ​Paris, France

​"…your work is excellent and I like them all especially since I love your use of lively Caribbean colours… It's my favourite Trinidadian Carnival art."

​Melissa Santana | ​​New York, USA

​“I want to say thank you!!! My boy friend loves his piece!! And I certainly do too…I am Trinidadian. And I love my culture. It was such a pleasure to bring back with me to New York 2 of your pieces that I find very captivating.”

​​Cecilia Hosam | ​​​West Palm Beach, USA

​“Your work was the first thing we unpacked. We still have it out on the table ready to take to the frame shop. We were admiring it this evening. I was entertaining the thought of sharing some of it with my mentor who helped me through medical school but I am having difficulty letting even one go.”

​​​Mike Reid | ​​​​Arberdeen, Scotland

​“We really were impressed with your work and it's brilliant when a young, talented artist shows a lot of enthusiasm for his work and of course the history of his country…If more people showed the same pride for your country as you appear to have, it would be a far better place for all that live in Trinidad.”

​Kevin Baldeosingh | ​​​​​Express Newspaper, Trinidad & Tobago

​​“He is a clean-cut young man who smiles constantly. The other three wore jeans, but he wore black slacks and a short-sleeved white shirt with a vest underneath.”

​​Rubabiri Victor | ​​​​​Express Newspaper, Trinidad & Tobago

​“Jason Jarvis is probably the most adventurous and engaging – not to mention technically sound - of the group…. The work isn’t cute, it is cutting.”

​Anne Hilton | ​​​​​​Newsday Newspaper, Trinidad & Tobago

​​“Something in the fantasy appealed to me – it’s hard to say exactly why, except that, on the whole, it avoided the stereotypes…”

​​Vox Magazine | ​​​​​​​Express Newspaper, Trinidad & Tobago

​​​“The works are really not about the people in them but are about the viewer, they tend to remove us from the here and now and give us a feeling of inward looking – of reflection.”